To make your visit completed, at the reception of motel DENY you can get a city map and all touristic information about places that you can visit.

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Mostar is a center of Herzegovinian culture and tradition. Beautiful green river Neretva flows through Mostar. During the centuries banks of Neretva are connected by the famous Old Bridge. Connecting the banks it connects and variety of different people living on this beautiful town. Mostar got the name by the Bridge and become recognizable in the whole world. In 2004, it gets the UNESCO protection and a reputation at the same time.

All significant cultural and traditional facilities are located nearby motel DENY: The Old bridge and the Crooked bridge, mosques and Turkish houses built in 16th and 17th century, from the time of Ottoman empire, Catholic church and Franciscan Monastery (1866), The Cathedral dedicated to Maria Mother of Church, Museum of Herzegovina, Turkish bathroom – Hamam, The Partisans’ Memorial Cemetery...

Mostar Old bridge Old town Mostar


To make ​​your stay more interesting and for better understanding cultural and historical heritage of Herzegovina, we've organized Herzegovina Tour for you which leads to the following destinations:

Blagaj – Blagaj – visit of Dervish order monastery – Tekija built in 1520. at the source of the Buna River surrounded with a amazing nature. Above is determined Stephen Town which is built in 15th century.

Počitelj – Another monument of the Ottoman architecture, once strategic important fortified town.

Visit Blagaj TekijaVisit Pocitelj near Mostar

Međugorje – One of the most popular sanctuary in the world. That is the place of appearance of the Virgin Mary, which is visited by the millions of pilgrims who are looking for peace, consolation and strength.

Waterfalls Kravice – Attractive place on a river Trebižat and such as natural phenomenon is under state protection. This is a place where tourists can refresh in a hot summer days.

visit Medjugorje Kravice waterflows



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Unesco zone mostarAfter the restoration of 2004. The old bridge was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is known as the main symbol of Mostar and Herzegovina.
Motel "DENY" is located in the heart of the historic old town of Mostar, which is also under the protection of UNESCO and included in the list of world cultural heritage.



Latitude: N 43° 20’ 10.7304"
Longitude: E 17° 48’ 45.3918"